Digital Marketing Course Details:

TechnoBridge Systems offers the best expert designed practical oriented Digital Marketing Course in Pune with 100% Job Placement Assistance. Enroll in the top practical oriented training program at affordable prices. We help students to start their career in the booming and in-demand digital marketing industry. TechnoBridge prepares the student for the industry by giving them knowledge of several techniques, and strategies of digital marketing.

TechnoBridge, the top online digital marketing training institute in India has included modules in PPC, SEO, SMM and SEM in its syllabus. Moreover, our curriculum been structured according to the individual requirements of professionals, business owners and job seekers. Our Digital Marketing Courses with placement are practical oriented and give students the chance to work on live projects. Thus, students get a hands-on experience of the roles and responsibilities of a digital marketing executive.

Furthermore, TechnoBridge gives students 100% job Assistance through unlimited placement. We also provide lifetime support to students after the completion of the course. With the industry growing at an exponential rate, students will get innumerable job opportunities in the industry. Also, our courses help businesses to maintain a strong presence on digital media. Therefore, we build successful careers in digital marketing with our practical oriented Online Digital Marketing Courses.

What is the Scope of Digital Marketing

A survey has forecasted that, the growing percentage of India’s Digital Advertising Industry is 33.5% and the value of the industry will exceed 255 Billion marks in terms of Indian Rupees. , Thus, it is refutable that Indian digital markets will grow exponentially and the scope for digital marketers will be on an increasing curve. Furthermore, the digital industry will produce more than 20 lakh jobs by the end of 2020. Therefore, it can be said that, there will be innumerable number of job opportunities for budding digital marketers.

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What You Get In This Digital Marketing Course:

  • Unlimited Placement Calls
  • 100% Placement assistance
  • Best and Affordable Price
  • Life Time Access to The Course
  • Detailed Curriculum
  • Mock Interview and Technical Sessions
  • Flexible Batch Timings
  • Google Adwords and Analytics Certification
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Why Choose TechnoBridge’s Digital Marketing Course

The Best digital marketing training Institute in Pune creates successful careers in Digital Marketing with its practical oriented Online Digital Marketing Courses with placement program. We have the best team of industry experts with several years of experience in the industry. Our Industry experts transform students into trained digital marketing professionals. After the completion of the online digital marketing training program, students will be a successful digital marketer. The points that make TechnoBridge unique and set us apart from the crowd are:

100% Job Assistance:

TechnoBridge offers its students the best practical oriented digital training programs with 100% job Assistance. We have collaborations with 500+ companies. After the completion of their Online Digital Marketing Course, students are given unlimited placement calls and walk-ins in these client companies.

Learn from Industry Experts:

The best digital marketing institute in India, TechnoBridge Systems has an in-house team of industry experts. Our industry experts have several experience as well as extensive knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing. Industry experts have structured the Online Digital Marketing Courses with placement in line with the current requirements of the field. Hence, our trainers provide industry –oriented training to the students of our Online Digital Marketing Courses.

Live Project Training:

Students are given live projects during the online online digital marketing training program so that they can understand key concepts of Digital Marketing in a better manner. For that, each student is assigned a certain project during the online digital marketing training programs. This gives them the opportunity to get hands -on -experience of the profile of a digital marketing professional. They get to demonstrate the different techniques and strategies learnt in various modules. In addition to that, Students are given the opportunity to create and run their own campaign during the Online Digital Marketing Courses.

Interview Sessions:

Mock interview sessions are an integral part of our online digital marketing training programs. These sessions are conducted by our industry experts regularly to prepare students for job interviews. Mock interview sessions consist of question-answer sessions. Suppose, a student was unprepared, thus he or she could not show confidence in a particular session. Then, the trainer would conduct sessions until the student is ready for an interview.

Google Adwords & Analytics Certifications:

TechnoBridge is aware that certifications add value and weightage to the resumes of professionals, business owners and job seekers. Therefore, we have partnered with Google. During our Online Digital Marketing Course, students can acquire the highest level of certification in Search Engine Advertising. At the end of our online digital marketing training programs, students would get Google Adwords & Analytics Certification.

Lifetime Support:

The journey of a student at TechnoBridge Systems does not end with the completion of the course. We offer lifetime support to students and ensure that they succeed in their careers. Students would be given unlimited interview calls if they want to switch jobs at a later stage in their digital marketing careers. Therefore, TechnoBridge provides unlimited interview calls and multiple walk-ins through its client companies. This provision would be made available to the students until they have got their dream job in the digital marketing industry.

Internship Letter:

TechnoBridge also gives students the opportunity to intern with top companies during their Online Digital Marketing Courses. By undergoing an internship, students would gain expertise on the roles and responsibilities of a digital marketing professional. These internships also give students the opportunity to work on several live projects. Students are also given an internship letter. The internship letter contains details of the live projects that had been allocated to them during the internship. Since digital marketing professionals require adequate experience, internships would help students gain an entry into the digital marketing industry.

Digital Marketing Course Content [Updated 2023]

Digital Marketing Channels and Metrics:
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising(PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing(SMM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Public Relation

There are certain metrics or values to measure and track performances of digital marketing campaigns.

  • Web traffic sources
  • Brand awareness
  • Cost per lead
  • Website traffic leads
  • Returning visitors
  • Online conversion rates
  • Lead conversion rates
  • Click through rates
Search Engine Optimization
  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Density
  • What is Bounce Rate?
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Analysis
  • What is Sandbox Effect?
  • Google Penalty
  • Black Hat SEO
  • White Hat SEO
  • Good and Bad SEO Techniques
  • What is Google PageRank
  • What is Domain Authority
  • What is Page Authority
  • Inbound Links
  • Outbound Links
  • What is Link Building
  • What is Link Farming?
Keyword and SEO Stratergy
  • Introduction to Keyword Research
  • How and Why to choose Right Keywords
  • Different types of keywords
  • How to carry out Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Density Analysis
  • Tools for Keywords Research
  • What is keyword Proximity
  • What is Keyword Prominence?
  • What is Keyword Frequency in SEO?
  • What is keyword streaming
  • Localized Keywords Research
SEO On Page Optimization
  • Introduction to On page Optimization
  • Title, Description and Keywords Tags
  • Difference between primary, secondary and tertiary tiles
  • The length of titles, meta descriptions and Snippets
  • Header tags and their Significance
  • Important keywords in title, meta descriptions and content
  • When and where keywords can be placed
  • Difference between Internal and External Links
  • Anchor Text
  • Image tag optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • SEO friendly content
  • URL Structure / Optimization
  • Website structure & navigation menu optimization
  • Robots.txt
  • What is a Canonical Tag
  • 404 Implementation
  • Difference between HTTP and HTTPS
  • Different types of Sitemaps and their significance
  • The guidelines of Google SEO
  • Broken link analysis
  • Website architecture
  • On page Analysis
  • 301 & 302 Redirection
SEO Off Page Optimization
  • Submissions of Search Engines
  • Directory Submission
  • Submissions of Blogs
  • Blog Posting and Commenting
  • Submission of Articles
  • Submission of Press Releases
  • Image Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Documentation Sharing
  • Forum Posting
  • Video Sharing
  • Free Classifieds
Assessing Efforts
  • Google account setting up
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • What is the network in advertising?
  • What are bids, ads and campaigns?
  • What are ad formats?
  • A complete walkthrough with the dashboard
  • Demographics
  • Social Settings
  • Keyword Types (Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative)
  • AdWords Keyword Tool
  • Text Ad Format
  • Quality Score and Its Importance
  • <
Search Engine Marketing-SEM
  • Google account setting up
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • What is the network in advertising?
  • What are bids, ads and campaigns?
  • What are ad formats?
  • A complete walkthrough with the dashboard
  • Demographics
  • Social Settings
  • Keyword Types (Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative)
  • AdWords Keyword Tool
  • Text Ad Format
  • Quality Score and Its Importance
  • <
Social Media Optimization
  • Introduction to SMO
  • The need to use social media?
  • Benefits of social media optimization
  • Several social media platforms
  • Impact of using social media
Content Marketing

    1. Introduction to Content Marketing and Strategy Building

  • Introduction to Content Marketing
  • What is Content Marketing
  • Objective of Content Marketing
  • What is Authority Blog

  • 2. Content Creation

  • •How to Write Captivating Content

  • 3. Content Calender

  • Content Marketing 7 Step Strategy Building Process
  • 18 Types of Content with Examples

  • 4. Measuring content marketing: metrics

  • Keyword Research for Content Ideas
  • Optimizing Content for Search Engines

  • 5 Build an end to end content strategy for a brand

  • How to Market your Content
Email Marketing

1. Introduction to Email marketing

  • Fundamentals of Email Marketing
  • How Email Works
  • Bulk Email Overview
  • Bulk Email Challenges
  • Introduction to Email Marketing Software

  • 2. Email campaign creation

  • How to Create Email campaigns

  • 3. Email copywriting and Design

  • How to Set Up Lists
  • How to write effective Emails
  • Legal Constraints on Emails

  • 4. Measuring and Optimising the email campaign

  • Email Analytics
  • How to Improve ROI with A/B Testing

  • 5. Build an end to end email campaign for a brand

Web Analytics

1. Introduction to Webanalytics

  • What is Analytics?
  • Importance of Analytics for Business
  • Installing Analytics code in site
  • Analytics account structure

  • 2. Google Analytics

  • Setup Google Analytics Account
  • Setting in Analytics
  • What are Demographics in Google Analytics Account
  • What is Language in Google Analytics Account
  • What is System and Mobile in Google Analytics in Account
  • What is Acquisition in Google Analytics
  • Search Console at a Glance in Analytics tool
  • Understanding Goals and Conversions
  • How to setup Goals
  • Different types of Goals
  • How to setup Goals
  • Different Types of Goals
  • How to setup funnels in Goals
  • Importance of Funnels

Experts Designed Practical Digital Marketing Courses for Professionals, Business Owners & Job Seekers:

TechnoBridge also offers Expert Designed Practical Online Digital Marketing Courses for Professionals, Business Owners & Job Seekers. All our candidates pursue online digital marketing training programs for different reasons. For professionals, it is an add-on to their existing skill set. Business owners use these skills for the progression of their business. Whereas, these skills help jobseekers get a job. Therefore, our courses are structured in order to meet the needs of different students.

Here’s a sneak peak of what professionals, business owners and job seekers gain from these courses:

Working Professionals:

Our digital marketing training programs help professionals add a new skill to their existing skill sets. If professionals have to reach their customers, they cannot depend only on traditional methods of marketing. They should use digital marketing channels which are within their budget. They will not only be proactive on social and digital media. At the same time, they could communicate with clients and get their opinions. So Professionals, learn fundamentals of digital marketing! Boost your career to greater heights.

Business Owners:

TechnoBridge has designed Practical Oriented Digital Marketing Course for business owners too. They get to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing. Additionally, they learn about the digital marketing channels used by top brands and businesses. Implementing these strategies would help them maintain a strong presence on social media. Thus, they would achieve their goals in a short duration. So, Business Owners learn the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and witness the exponential growth of your business in no time.

Job Seekers:

Currently, Employers recruit those employees who have technical as well as practical knowledge. Hence, industry experts at TechnoBridge have designed practical oriented Online Digital Marketing Courses with placement for students. The course has been structured to fulfill the current requirements of the industry. On concluding the course, Students will be successful digital marketers. So, join our courses to be the best Digital Marketing Professional in the industry.

Eligibility Criteria of Our Online Digital Marketing Courses

To be eligible for our courses, students have to possess a Bachelor’s degree in any relevant field. Here is a list of those who would be eligible and benefit from our courses

  • Business Owners
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Advertising Professionals
  • Job Seekers
  • Graduate from any discipline
  • Quality Assurance Executive RA
  • Medical Coding
  • Medical writer

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How to Enroll for Digital Marketing Course?

Online Application:

Candidates can easily apply directly on our website for Digital Marketing courses with 100% placement assistance. Our team will receive your application and help you with further processes. Additionally, Candidates can directly call our admission officers on the official contact number +91-9257035703.

Digital Marketing Course Fees:

Our Digital Marketing Course Fee is just 10000/-.

Start Digital Marketing Career in Below Sectors:

Furthermore, here are the various sectors in which there could be lucrative job opportunities for digital marketers:

  • Education Sector
  • Banking
  • Real estate
  • IT Companies
  • E-commerce
  • Government sectors
  • Event Companies
  • New Startups
  • Education Sector
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Film Institutes and Film Industry in whole
  • Telecom Sector

Companies and Clients for Digital Marketing:

Candidates who have completed Digital Marketing Course will be place in the following sectors:

  • Markets And Markets
  • Wipro
  • Coherent Market Insight
  • Sokrati
  • TCS
  • GOMO
  • Absolute Market Insights
  • Meticulous Research
  • Futurism Technology
  • Market Research Future
  • Reports Insights

Our Placement Process

Eligibility Criteria

Placement Training

Interview Q & A

Resume Preparation

Aptitude Test

Mock Interviews

Scheduling Interviews

Job Placements

Course Review

Anuva S.
Online Clinical Research Course
"This was definitely an ample decision for me to complete successfully this online clinical research course during the lock will definitely help me a lot to fix my adds a crown on my career.there was a proper syllabus and the ppt is really helpful for ever..the instructor and the adminstrative part are also very good..their supervision really helped me a lot.thank you😊."
Nisha M.
Online Clinical Research Course
"Technobridge’s digital marketing courses are the best because trainers give you a sneak-peek of a digital marketer’s daily routine. Students are given a variety of live projects during their training. Furthermore, the industry experts give you constant feedback after evaluations and assessments. After the course, I got a job with an attractive package. Thank you Technobridge."
Nikhil k.
Online Clinical Research Course
"Pursing a clinical research course from Technobridge was the best decision I made in life. The course is inclusive of technical knowledge, soft skills and English sessions. Trainers give students case studies and live projects, thus making it a practical and job oriented training. Also, one gets feedback regularly as the trainers conduct regular assessments. Another thing is that you can also pay a certain percentage of the fees after getting a job. I got placed promptly after my course was done. A big thank you to everyone at TechnoBridge."
Divya B.
Online Clinical Research Course
"Good experience.... I like this system because they provide all required practical / technical skills for job to place the candidates."
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Frequently Asked questions

1. What is Digital Marketing?


2. What is the Eligibility for Digital Marketing?

Any graduate can apply for Digital Marketing Course.

3. Where do Candidates find Digital Marketing career opportunities?


4. What is The Fees For Digital Marketing Course?

Fees For Digital Marketing Course is 10000/-