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Best Python Training In Pune | Python Certification Course

90 Days
IT Development

Introduction to Python Training

Most developers prefer to use Python as it is an in-demand programming language. Apart from web development, this coding language is used for programming and software development. Furthermore, developers use python for Big Data processing, Game development and writing instruction scripts for systems.

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Why today we need Python Course?

  • • fastest-growing programming language in modern Era
  • • Surge in the number of Python users, by more than 45%, at the end of decade.
  • • Second most-loved programming language amongst software developers – Stack Overflow’s 2019 Developer Survey
  • • 73% of developers would continue using Python
  • • Doubling of data analytics market from $62 billion in 2020 to $103 billion in 2027.
  • • 59% of Python developers use the programming language for data analytics.
  • • Python is the best programming language if you'd like to work with machine learning.

At the same time, a professional must have the relevant skills, hands-on experience and certifications to start their career as a software developer. Therefore, one has to enroll in the best Python Training Institute in Pune that offers a Python certification course with hands-on experience.

Expertise after Python Training in Pune

You would gain expertise in the following tasks after Python training:

  • • Use Python for Coding Tasks
  • • Develop diverse web applications with Python
  • • Create complicated apps with less lines of code
  • • Create secured web solutions with the help of python
  • • Resolve errors, problems or issues through Python
  • • Minimize cyber attacks
  • • Master the calculation of difficult problems effortlessly
  • • Use OOAD concepts to build python applications
  • • Develop console based programs using python
  • • Create GUI applications using Python
  • • Build Database applications using Python

Best Python Training in Pune

Python is the building-block of two technologies that are revolutionizing the future of the IT industry. The two technologies are data science and machine learning respectively. It is anticipated that the data science industry will double in size by 2027. Hence, there is a huge scope for Python developers in the forthcoming years. In our opinion, students must enroll in the Best python training in Pune with 100% job assistance. This training would not make you proficient in Python but also get a high-paying job of a Python developer.

Python is an interpreted object oriented and high-level programming language. It consists of a strong programming structure .simple syntax, optimum readability and better design. This makes it an effective tool for creating scripts on a greater scale. Furthermore, its built –in data structures coupled with dynamic typing and binding are suitable for Rapid Data Development. Finally, developers use Python in their daily tasks easily. Therefore, one can develop programs and apps just with fewer lines of code.

After their Python certification course, students would be skilled in frameworks namely Django and Flask. They will get several job openings with attractive salary package in the IT Industry. However, they would need to have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, computer science or bachelor’s in computer administration (BCA).

Students usually have an advantage over others if they enroll in the best Python Training in Pune. They would get several opportunities to start their career as a Python Developer, UI Framework Designer, Code Developer, Big Data Coder and Coding Script Writer. So, one must join the Best Python training in Pune to kick-start their career.

Why TechnoBridge for Python Training in Pune?

The IT and Data Science Industry sees a huge demand as well as use of diverse web and mobile applications. For this reason, students must enroll in Python training in Pune. You would have several options for training across Pune. However, you need to choose one that prepares you for the challenging IT industry. Without further ado, we bring you Python Training in Pune by TechnoBridge. At this point, your first question would be “why should I choose TechnoBridge for my training? To be frank, the unique points that you find at TechnoBridge will not be found anywhere in Pune. They are:

100% written job Assistance

TechnoBridge ensures the placement of each student after the completion of their Python training. Therefore, we have tie-ups with some of the leading IT companies in Pune. Our students get job opportunities through unlimited placement calls and multiple walk-ins.

Learning from Industry Experts

Our aim is to prepare our students thoroughly for a challenging career in the booming IT industry. Thus, we have a team of Industry Experts who impart the best Python training in Pune. The experience gained in their fields enables them to train students for the current requirements of the industry.

Work on Real Projects

The current job requirements are such that they demand for hands-on experience as a Python Developer. TechnoBridge gives its students real projects of actual businesses during their Python training. It gives them an insight into diverse challenging situations in the industry.

These are just some of the exquisite features that TechnoBridge offers to its students. Learn more about the Best Python Training in Pune in the rest of the blog.

Learn from Best Python Training Institute in Pune

The students from the best Python Training Institute in Pune develop the finest web and mobile applications during their career. You could achieve this by gaining knowledge on Python Automation and Data Science with Python. These concepts are taught by the industry experts at the best Python training institute in Pune. Then, you could be the finest Python developer in the industry. So, enroll in the best Python Training Institute in Pune and become a Python Developer.

Python Classes in Pune- Training Modules

The IT industry has evolved over the years such that it uses ultra-modern technologies in developing applications. Therefore, TechnoBridge’s Python Classes in Pune incorporates the latest trends into its syllabus. You would find that our experts have integrated various frameworks into the training modules. Here’s an insight into the frameworks taught at the best Python classes in Pune:

At this point of time, we will give you an insight into the different frameworks of Python.


Django is an open source, full stack framework that adheres to the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself Principle). It includes a diverse range of ready-to use libraries. Moreover, it has extraordinary features such as authentication, URL routing, template engine, object-relational mapper (ORM), and database schema migrations. Django goes well together databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and Oracle.


Flask is a Python framework that is accessible to developers under the BSD license. It allows developers to create a robust web application foundation which can be scaled to use different extensions. Moreover, Flask’s modular design is such that it is adaptable to a wide range of development needs.

Enroll in the best Python classes in Pune. You not only get the best learning experience from us but gain advanced knowledge in Python.

Online Python Certification Training in Pune

TechnoBridge’s Online Python Training in Pune with certifications is a favourite amongst students and companies in the city. So, what do you get during this training? First, you would interact with industry experts who have several years of experience in the IT industry. Second, you get to resolve problems of actual businesses through real projects. Third, you get various certifications after your Online Python training in Pune. We suggest that you should not waste your precious time. Enroll in the best Online Python Training with Certifications right away!

Python Training with Placements in Pune

Our Python Training in Pune gives utmost importance to Placements. Hence, we conduct soft skill sessions, mock interview and aptitude preparations during our training. These sessions give students an edge over others in cracking tough job interviews. In addition to strengthening their theoretical concepts, students build their personality during our Python Training in Pune with Placements.

Eligibility for Our Python Training Course

The eligibility for Python course is a bachelor's degree in Information Technology or even a Bachelor in Computer Admiration. Furthermore, you need to have a minimum of 50% in your bachelor's degree. Those who have appeared for their final year exams are also eligible to apply for a Python Training Course.

Python Training Course Syllabus:

Module 1: An Summary of Python

  1. - What does Python do?
  2. - Why Python?
  3. - Python Syntax in comparison with other programming languages
  4. - Python Set-up

Module 2: Python Fundamentals

  1. - The print statement
  2. - Comments
  3. - Python Data Structures & Data Types
  4. - String Operations in Python
  5. - Simple Input & Output
  6. - Simple Output Formatting
  7. - Operators in python

Module 3: Python Program Flow

  1. - The If statement and its’ related statement
  2. - An example with if and it’s a related statement
  3. - The while loop
  4. - The for loop
  5. - The range statement
  6. - Break &Continue
  7. - Assert
  8. - Examples for looping

Module 4: Functions& Modules

  1. - Functions Parameters
  2. - Variable Arguments
  3. - Scope of a Function
  4. - Function Documentation
  5. - Lambda Functions& map
  6. - Standard Modules

Module 5: Exceptions Handling

  1. - Errors
  2. - Exception handling with try
  3. - handling Multiple Exceptions

Module 6: File Handling

  1. - File handling Modes
  2. - Reading Files
  3. - Writing& Appending to Files
  4. - Handling File Exceptions
  5. - The with statement

Module 7: Classes In Python

  1. - New Style Classes
  2. - Creating Classes
  3. - Instance Methods
  4. - Inheritance
  5. - Polymorphism
  6. - Exception Classes & Custom Exceptions

Module 8: Generators and iterators

  1. - Iterators
  2. - Generators
  3. - The Functions any and all
  4. - With Statement
  5. - Data Compression

Module 9: Data Structures

  1. - List Comprehensions
  2. - Nested List Comprehensions
  3. - Dictionary Comprehensions
  4. - Functions
  5. - Default Parameters
  6. - Variable Arguments
  7. - Specialized Sorts

Module 10: Collections

  1. - namedtuple()
  2. - deque
  3. - ChainMap
  4. - Counter
  5. - OrderedDict
  6. - defaultdict
  7. - UserDict
  8. - UserList
  9. - UserString

Advance Python

Module 11: Writing GUIs in Python

  1. - Introduction
  1. - Components and Events
  2. - An Example GUI
  3. - The root Component
  4. - Adding a Button
  5. - Entry Widgets
  6. - Text Widgets
  7. - Check buttons

Module 12: Python SQL Database Access

  1. - Introduction
  2. - Set-up
  3. - DB Connection
  4. - Creating DB Table
  5. - INSERT, READ, UPDATE, DELETE operations
  6. - COMMIT & ROLLBACK operation
  7. - handling Errors

Module 13:Network Programming

  1. - Introduction
  2. - A Daytime Server
  3. - Clients and Servers
  4. - The Client Program
  5. - The Server Program

Module 14: Date and Time

  1. - sleep
  2. - Program execution time
  3. - more methods on date/time

Module 15: Other  topics in-detail

  1. - Filter
  1. - Map
  2. - Reduce
  3. - Decorators
  4. - Frozen set
  5. - Collections

Module 16: Regular expression

  1. - Split
  2. - Functioning with special characters, date, emails
  3. - Quantifiers
  4. - Match and find all
  5. - character sequence and substitute
  6. - Search method

Module 17: Threads Essential

  1. - Class and threads
  2. - Multi-threading
  3. - Synchronization
  4. - Treads Life cycle
  5. - use cases

Module 18: Accessing API Essential

  1. - Introduction
  2. - Facebook Messenger
  3. - Openweather

Python Career Opportunities

Our candidates get exciting career opportunities after completing the best Python course in Pune. Here are some of the job profiles:

  • ❖ Python Developer
  • ❖ Data Analyst
  • ❖ Coding Script Writer
  • ❖ UI Framework Designer
  • ❖ Business Analyst
  • ❖ Code Developer
  • ❖ Big Data Coder
  • ❖ Applied Scientist

You would definitely gain experience with these job profiles. So, enroll in the best Python course to get these career opportunities.

Salary Growth for Python Certification Freshers:

The salary of a Fresher Python developer grows with their experience in the industry. Salary growth would be as follows:

  • ❖ Entry level:- 2- 3 lakhs
  • ❖ 1 year :- 3-5 lakhs
  • ❖ 2 years :- 5-7 lakhs
  • ❖ 3 years :- 7-10 lakhs
  • ❖ 4 years :- 10-15 lakhs
  • ❖ 5 lakhs :-More than 15 lakhs

Top Employers for Employees with a Certified Python Certification

  • ❖ Cognizant
  • ❖ Infosys
  • ❖ Synechron
  • ❖ Capgemini
  • ❖ Accenture
  • ❖ Capgemini
  • ❖ KPIT
  • ❖ Persistent Systems

These Top employers could hire you after the completion of your Python certification course.


We always get some questions regarding our Python Training Course. Hence, we have compiled a list of Frequently Answered Questions for prospective students. They are given below:

Q. What is the duration of your Python Course?

A - The duration of our course is 3 months.

Q. What is your admission procedure?

A- First, You have to apply online through our website. Our admission officers would then get in touch with you to book a slot for an appointment with industry experts. Then, your knowledge on Python would be tested by our experts. Finally, the counsellors will guide you with the admission procedure.

Q. When will I receive my Python certification?

A-You get certified on the completion of your Python certification course.

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