Introduction to Clinical Research

Clinical Research is where professionals study the various illnesses and health of sick and health individuals. Moreover, it is the manner in which clinical research professionals make a diagnosis, stop and cure several life-threatening diseases. In basic terms, clinical trials comprise of human volunteers. Moreover, it transforms research studies into new treatments to improve the health of patients. Lets move on PG Diploma in Clinical Research.

The Need for a PG Diploma in Clinical Research

The CR industry is conducting several clinical trials and therefore needs several skilled professionals. It is a fact that CR professionals are not hired without adequate training and experience. For this reason, most clinical research training institutes in Pune have created a diploma program that gives students a thorough knowledge of the CR industry. These diploma programs train students to be competent and qualified for the industry. Furthermore, students learn how to conduct outstanding research studies that will not only discover new ailments, but also develop new methods of diagnosis, and cure these illnesses. At the same time, professionals would improve the quality of life in human beings. This blog would help students get detailed information on our diploma program in clinical research.

Scope after Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research  

India as a country has several benefits namely a huge population, a hard-working workforce, and cost-effectiveness. For this reason, the country is a preferred destination for clinical trials. Thus, there is a requirement for qualified CR professionals. After completing a post graduate diploma in clinical research, students would get several job opportunities in the industry.

Future of the Clinical Research Industry

According to reports, the global clinical trial market Furthermore will reach $4.29 billion by 2020. Furthermore, the government of India has announced that clinical trials will be approved within a period of three months. Earlier, the time-frame for clinical trials was between one to five years. And so, more than 50,000 jobs will be created in the CR industry.

TechnoBridge’s PG Diploma in Clinical Research

TechnoBridge offers its students an all-inclusive clinical research courses. This program comprises of technical knowledge, English language and communication, soft skills and aptitude preparations. The objective of Technobridge Systems is to bridge the gap and create trained clinical research professionals for the industry.  For that reason, we ensure that students get in-depth knowledge to pursue a successful career in the clinical cesearch industry. 

Why TechnoBridge for a Post-graduate Diploma in Clinical Research

There are several reasons why prospective students should choose TechnoBridge for a Post graduate Diploma in Clinical Research. Firstly, our teams of industry experts are well-qualified and have extensive knowledge of their subject matter. Secondly, the diploma in clinical research is structured according to the industrial requirements. Thirdly, the diploma course is practical oriented and gives students a hands-on experience of their role. The other points that make it the best clinical research training institute in Pune are:

  • Live Project Training

Students get the opportunity to work on live projects after the completion of each module. This gives them the ability to implement their technical knowledge and demonstrate their proficiency in concepts after each module.

  • Gain Knowledge from 25+ Yrs Industry Experts

TechnoBridge has a team of industry experts who have spent several years in the industry, Therefore, they can train students according to the current requirements in the industry .

  • 100% Job Assurance

We give our students a 100% job assurance through multiple walk-ins and unlimited placement calls. Hence, one could make an entry into the industry through our client companies.

PG Diploma in Clinical Research Syllabus

Our PG Diploma in Clinical Research covers over modules to make students qualified and successful clinical research professionals. 

❖ Fundamentals of Clinical Research
❖ Clinical Data Management
❖ Good Clinical Practice (GCP)-ICH E6
❖ Monitoring of Trials
Regulatory Affairs
❖ Protocol Designing
❖ Drug Development Process

Features of PG Diploma in Clinical Research: What you get?

TechnoBridge transforms students into qualified experts after the post graduate diploma in clinical research. For that reason, our courses have certain features that build the personality of students.  They are:

  • Provision of Lifetime Support

Our assistance to students doesn’t stop after their post graduate diploma in clinical research.  We give them unlimited placement calls if they want to change their job at a later stage in their career.

  • Unlimited placement calls and walk-ins

TechnoBridge has tie-ups with several client companies. Therefore, we give our students unlimited placement calls and walk-ins through these companies.

  • Group Discussions, Mock interviews and Aptitude Preparations

We also arrange numerous group discussions, mock interview sessions and aptitude preparations during our post graduate diploma in clinical research. These sessions are conducted by our trainers who transform students into qualified professionals.

  • Technical Group Discussions

Our industry experts know that students may have a few technical doubts after the conclusion of the diploma program. For that reason, they do arrange sessions to clear doubts of students.

  • Provision of modern infrastructure

TechnoBridge has the latest infrastructure to impart students with the finest quality of training material.

  • Awarding of  scholarships to eligible students

We constantly recognize bright and talented students. Therefore, we reward deserving students with scholarships.

  • Courses at Affordable Prices

Our courses are available at affordable prices when compared to the CR market. Thus, students do not have to pay a huge amount when enrolling in our diploma program.

PG Diploma in Clinical Research Eligibility and Duration

Students who have a bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nursing and Allied Health are eligible for this course. Furthermore, students must have a minimum of 55% in their graduation. The duration of the PG diploma in CR is 3 months.

Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research Admission Process

The admission for TechnoBridge’s Post Graduation Diploma in Clinical Research takes place in two steps:

The First Step: Online Application

A prospective student must apply online to begin their admission process, Later; our admission officers will then go through a student’s application. After that, the student will be given a slot for their appointment with industry experts.

The Second Step: The Screening Round & Counseling

In the second stage, a screening round will be conducted by our team of industry experts. Students will have to take a test which will assist our industry experts to judge the student’s knowledge of clinical research. The student will get details on their course fees and scholarship from industry experts. Later, our counselors will help the student to complete the admission process.

Job Opportunities after PG Diploma in Clinical Research

This industry has three diverse sectors namely Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management and Clinical Trial Management. Students can get jobs in these sectors after the diploma in clinical research. They are:

  • Clinical Trial Associate(CTA)
  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
  • Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)
  • Senior Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
  • Medical Coder
  • Medical Writer
  • Safety/Patents Manager
  • Data-Analyst – Pharmacovigilance
  • Clinical Trial Auditor
  • Project Manager
  • Clinical Trial Writer