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Best Dot Net Training in Pune | 100% Job Assistance .Net Course

90 Days
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Introduction to Best Dot Net Training in Pune

The Best Dot Net Training in Pune is your gateway to the booming IT industry. You learn the fundamentals of ASP.NET which is a server side scripting language by Microsoft. It is mostly used to create dynamic web pages on different platforms. What makes it an in-demand language is its role in several applications that are used for Window programs. When source code is integrated with Dot Net framework, they create different webpages and application. Besides that, developers use Visual an integrated development environment for .NET software. These are taught in Dot Net Training.

Some exciting facts and statistics;

  • - Future of .NET will change in 2020
  • - .NETCore - one of the widely used development frameworks by businesses
  • - Salary Packages: Average Salary: 3-4 lakh yearly & Highest Compensation: 6-7 lakh yearly

However, if there is High Demand for dot net developers, the salary package can grow average 4-12 lakh per year

However, companies recruit trained and qualified professionals with hands-on experience. At this point of time, the Best Dot Net Training in Pune would equip you with the relevant skills, hands-on experience and certifications. You could then start your career and be the next Dot Net Expert. Without further thought, enroll in the best Dot Net Course in Pune.

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Best Dot Net Training in Pune

The best Dot Net Training would help one master various aspects of .NET. It is a Microsoft framework that supports the development and running of Windows based applications. This framework is powerful due to its support for multiple languages such as #C and VB.NET. Besides that, it provides connectivity to non-windows platforms.

After a Dot Net Certification Course, one would have hands-on experience in ASP.NET technology features. One needs to fulfill certain educational prerequisites to enroll in the best Dot Net Training in Pune. Students need to hold a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (IT) or computer science.

Our students are better than their peers once they have completed their training period. Hence, they do get the chance to start their career as a Windows application Developer, IOS Developer, Technology Architect or a UI Designer. Enrolling in the Best Dot Net Training in Pune would transform your career.

Trainer Profile of Dot Net Course in Pune

TechnoBridge has 10+ years experienced Trainers to conduct Dot Net Training.Throughout their career, they have worked on real projects in the industry. As a result, they have gained expertise on their subject knowledge and are updated on real-world industry applications. Hence, the curriculum of the Best Dot Net Course is in line with the requirements of the industry. Thus trainers not only place equal importance to theoretical and practical knowledge of Dot Net. They also prepare students for tough job interviews.

To get our Industry Experts guidance, join the Dot Net training in Pune by TechnoBridge.

Why Join TechnoBridge for the Dot Net Training in Pune?

In the present times, Dot Net Training is preferred by IT professionals. The reason being that .NET is an in-demand skill amongst IT professionals. Professionals need to have technical and practical knowledge of different programming languages, technologies, platforms and frameworks. You could only get this at the Best Dot Net Training in Pune by TechnoBridge. Moreover, you would find three unique points here at TechnoBridge. They are:

-100% Job Assistance

TechnoBridge has tie-ups wit leading web development and IT companies in Pune. We help students get their dream job by providing unlimited placement calls and walk-ins. You will get placed promptly after your dot net training in Pune.

-Learn from Industry Experts

Students get the opportunity to learn from the best Industry experts with several years of experience. They get trained in line with the current industrial requirements. Dot Net Training in Pune helps them overcome various challenges in the booming IT industry.

-Work on Live Projects

We believe that students can gain hands-on experience only when they work on different projects. For that reason, our industry experts give them live projects of actual businesses. Students would then be an expert in novel technologies and work with different platforms.

To gain hands-on experience in various technologies and platforms, join Dot Net Course in Pune.

Learn From The Best Dot Net Training Institute in Pune

The Best Dot Net Training Institute in Pune helps students gain mastery in diverse programming languages and cross platforms. These languages such as C#, F# and Visual Basic along with platforms like .NETCore, NETFramework and Xamarin/Mono help develop strong applications. Our industry experts would train you on a wide range of topics and concepts in .NET. After the training, you could be a dot net expert.

Dot Net Exams and Certifications in Pune

TechnoBridge gives its students a certification after they complete their dot net certification course. TechnoBridge’s certification is recognized by leading companies in Pune. You may ask why a developer requires such a certification. Firstly, it adds high value to the resume of a dot net developer. Secondly, you can get top job profiles in IT companies.

Key Features of Dot Net Training in Pune

Our Dot Net Training is exclusively crafted for our students. Here are some of the key features:

❖ Job Oriented Training

Job oriented training means the opportunity to work on real projects during the training. This gives students an idea of their job profile

❖ Lifetime Support

We give our students lifetime support after the completion of Dot Net Training in Pune. With our assistance, they get the right jobs at a later stage in their career.

❖ Unlimited Placement Calls

The collaboration with several client companies enables us to provide unlimited placement calls to students.

❖ GD-PI and Aptitude Preparations

Our Dot Net Training includes group discussions .mock interviews and aptitude preparations. This would prepare students for diverse interview processes.

❖ Technical Group Discussions

Students may have certain queries after completion of their Dot Net Training. They can clear their doubts during technical group sessions.

❖ Affordable Course Fees

Our Course fees are affordable when compared to the rest of the market.

Dot Net Course Eligibility:

Students who want to enroll for our Dot Net Course must hold a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science. They should also have a minimum of 50% in their bachelors. Students who have appeared for their final year exams are eligible for our Dot Net Course

Placement Assistance After .NET Training in Pune

TechnoBridge gives its trainees 100% placement assistance after their .Net Training. Trainees would be given the chance to appear for job interviews in all our client companies. Besides that, we ensure that our trainees undergo rigorous mock interviews, soft skill sessions and aptitude preparations. This helps them secure a high-paying job in a leading IT firm after their .NET training in Pune.

Syllabus of Dot Net Training in Pune:

The syllabus of Dot Net Training covers a wide range of topics like .NET Framework, SQL, OOPs and ASP.NET exhaustively. We give you an outline of the syllabus below:

1. Basics of .NET:

  • • Asp.net
  • • Security In ASP.NET
  • • Security In ASP.NET
  • • Configuration/li>
  • • Web parts
  • • AJAX
  • • SQL server
  • • Ado.net
  • • WPC
  • • WCF
  • • MVC

2. .Net Framework:

  • • CLR, CLS & CTS
  • • Compilation process in .NET
  • • Declaration of Helsinki
  • • Assemblies & Versioning

3. C#:

  • • Language Syntax
  • • Data Types, Variables & Operators
  • • Conditional Statements & Looping Structures
  • • Garbage Collection and Finalization
  • • Exception Handling

4. Classes & Objects:

  • • Introduction to Classes and Objects
  • • Abstract Classes and Interfaces
  • • Constructors and Destructors
  • • Structures, Enumerations
  • • Boxing & Unboxing


  • • Encapsulation of OOPS
  • • Inheritance
  • • Polymorphism
  • • Data Abstraction


  • • Namespace, Nested Namespace
  • • Delegates & Events
  • • Properties, Indexer & Indexer Overload
  • • Errors and Exceptions

7.Arrays, Collections & Generics

  • • Different Arrays-Single Dimension Array, Multi Dimension Array
  • • Introduction to Collections
  • • Generic Collections
  • • File I/O and Streams
  • • Working with Directories and Files
  • • Read and Script file

8.Remoting & Reflection

  • • Application Domain
  • • Types of Remoting & Reflection

9.SQL Server

  • • Introduction to SQL
  • • DML DDL Functions
  • • Jins & Views
  • • Functions & Stored Procedure
  • • Triggers & Cursors
  • • NET (Working with Database)
  • • Overview of ADO.NET
  • • Connected vs Disconnected Architecture
  • • Data Connection Object
  • • Data Command Object
  • • Data Adapter Object
  • • Data Readers
  • • Data Sets & Data Adapters
  • • Structure of Dataset
  • • Execute Non-Query
  • • Execute Reader
  • • Execute Scalar

10.ASP.NET 4.0

  • • Introduction to Web Programming
  • • Client / Server Technology
  • • Understanding Web Server IIS

11.Page Life Cycle

  • • asax
  • • config
  • • Intrinsic Objects in ASP.Net
  • • Web Form
  • • Web Control Class
  • • Creating Web Forms Application
  • • Handling Images
  • • Navigating between pages
  • • Managing Server Controls
  • • Server Control Events
  • • Using HTML Controls
  • • Using Data Controls
  • • Repeater Control

12.Validation Controls:-

  • • Net validation controls
  • • Configuring validation controls

13.State Management

  • • Preserving State in Web Applications
  • • Using Cookies to Preserve State
  • • NET Session State
  • • Application State

14.User Controls

  • • Creating User Controls
  • • Interacting with User Controls
  • • Loading User Controls Dynamically

15.Master Pages & Themes

  • • Types of Master Pages: Simple Master Page & bNested Master Page Configuration of Master Page
  • • Creating Themes
  • • Applying Themes
  • • Using Stylesheets

16.Uploading Files

  • • Utilizing File Upload Controls
  • • Settings to upload the files

17.Handling Emails

  • • Protocols for Email
  • • Sending Mails
  • • Managing Attachments

18.ASP.NET Web Services

  • • Introduction to XML Web services
  • • Creating Web Service
  • • Setting the Web Service Attribute
  • • Test and Run Your Web Service
  • • Consuming a Web Service in Client
  • • Application
  • • Consuming a Third Party Web service


  • • Set-up of Web Applications.
  • • Build a Web Setup Project.

.NET Job Opportunities

Students would get several job opportunities after their Dot Net course. Given below are some job profiles:

  • • Windows Application Developer
  • • IOS Developer
  • • Technology Architect
  • • Web Developer
  • • Android App Developer
  • • UI Designer

After your Dot Net course, you can start your career with these job profiles in leading IT firms.

What You Get?

Here’s what students get in our Dot Net Course:

  • • Unlimited Placement Calls
  • • Multiple Walk-ins
  • • Lifetime Support
  • • Mock Interview Sessions
  • • Aptitude Preparations
  • • Technical Group Discussions

To start a successful career, join our Dot Net Course.

Who We Are?

TechnoBridge is a Corporate Training and Career Development company in Pune. We provide technical and non-technical training and placement services to the IT and pharmaceutical field. Our industry experts train and prepare students for successful careers in Clinical Research, IT and Digital Marketing.

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