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Best Selenium Certification Training in Pune With 100% Job Assurance

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Introduction to Selenium Certification Course in Pune

Presently, Selenium Certification Training in Pune is the need of the hour. Automation is the creation of repeatable instructions and processes which minimize human interaction with IT systems. However, in most cases, inferior quality of software is being delivered to customers. As a result, the IT industry needs software testing and quality assurance to be included in the software life cycle.

At the same time, experience is needed to carry out testing and quality assurance of any software. To exemplify, According to statistics 40% of time and efforts that were spent in the software development process have to be reinvested in different kinds of testing. To carry out these testing processes, identify defects and correct them, the industry needs trained software testing professionals. Therefore, there is a rise in the demand of qualified and trained software testing professionals.

When you join Automation Testing Training in Pune, you study every aspect of Manual and Automated Testing. Apart from that, you can write test cases and reports during live projects. This will give you an advantage over your peers. That’s how you can get a high-paying job of software testing professional.

Best Selenium Certification Course in Pune

The Best Selenium Certification Course in Pune would give you the expertise in using Selenium Certification tools such as Selenium, QTP and Load Runner. Selenium Certification takes place when these testing tools are used to execute test cases.

After their Selenium certification, students would have enhanced their skills on writing test cases. The course would also teach them to make detailed reports which include details of expected v/s actual test results. However, students need to hold a bachelors’ degree in IT or computer science to join the Best Selenium Certification Course in Pune.

This course opens the door to several job opportunities. Students start their career as a Software Tester, Code Tester or even a Test Analyst.

How We Are Different?

Professionals would have the liberty to choose amongst several Selenium Certification Courses across the city. However, it is essential for them to choose the best one of them all. Each institute has features that set their Selenium Training apart from others. Similarly, TechnoBridge has some in its Selenium Certification Courses. We list these points below:

❖100% placement

We place all our students successfully after the completion of their Selenium Certification Courses. For that, we have several tie-ups with several leading IT firms in the city.

❖Provision of Lifetime support

The journey of a student doesn’t end with us after their courses. In fact, we help them find jobs at a later stage of their career.

❖Guidance of Industry Experts

Students learn about different aspects of Selenium, Manual and Selenium Certification from Industry experts during their Selenium Training. Having spent several years in the industry, they are up-to –date on their subject matter.

❖Inclusion of Real Projects

In our Selenium Certification courses, students only work on real projects of actual businesses. These projects give them an insight of real-time issues and challenges in their field.

❖Workshops and Seminars

The conducting of frequent workshop and seminars helps students refine their technical knowledge.

❖Affordable Course Fees

Our course fees are affordable when compared to the market. In this way, students don’t burn a hole in their pocket.

Prominent Benefits of Selenium Certification Course in Pune

Students would get various advantages from enrolling in a Selenium Certification Course in Pune. They are listed below for you:

❖ Bridge the gap by enhancing your skills

There is a huge gap between knowledge that students have and knowledge that is required in the IT Industry. Our students can bridge that gap by enhancing their skills during the course.

❖ Improving one’s confidence

Soft skills, communication and mock interview sessions are conducted during a Selenium Certification Course in Pune. These not only boost student’s confidence but help them crack tough job interviews.

❖ Get an edge over your untrained peers

Students who undergo training usually have an edge over their peers. Training gives you to get hands-on experience through live projects.

❖ Possibilities of a high-paying job

Trained professionals who have completed a automation testing course in Pune are likely to get a job with high-pay. This is due to the hands-on experience that they get during the course.

❖ Abundance of career opportunities

Leading IT firms prefer to hire those professionals who have a Selenium Certification. These professionals go on to hold various posts in their career.

About Selenium Certification & Placement Course in Pune

TechnoBridge’s Selenium Certification and Selenium Course with Placement cover several topics exhaustively. The course is structured such that it covers the various methods and techniques of testing. Furthermore, these techniques would be found in different modules in our automation testing course. We have listed them below for your reference:

  • - C,C++, Data Structures and Unix
  • - SQL
  • - Fundamentals of Core Java
  • - Basics of Software Engineering
  • - Manual testing
  • - Selenium Certification – including Selenium, QTP, Mantis, TestLink and Jmeter.

Why TechnoBridge for Selenium Certification Course in Pune?

Software Testing and Quality Assurance are essential for the smooth functioning of any software. Students who want to make a career in software testing must have expertise in Selenium, Manual and Automated Testing. The syllabus of the Selenium Certification Course in Pune is made in line with current industrial requirements .Besides that, our course has some unique points that would not be found in other courses. They are listed below:

❖100 % Job Assistance

TechnoBridge has tie-ups with leading IT companies in Pune. Students could get their jobs through unlimited placement calls and multiple walk-ins in companies.

❖Learn from Industry Experts

Students can learn from industry experts who have 10+ years of experience in their field. They have knowledge of the latest trends in the industry.

❖Work on Live Projects

We give our students the opportunity to work on Real and Live Projects. This would help them get hands on experience of their job profile.

Selenium Certification in Pune

Students would receive a Selenium Certification and Selenium certification on the successful completion of their course. They will get a job immediately as our certification is recognized by leading IT firms. A certification not only adds value to a student’s resume but helps them get top job profiles too.

So, what are you waiting for? Complete your Selenium Training, get certified and secure a high-paying job!

Selenium Certification Course Highlights

TechnoBridge’s Selenium Certification Course creates the finest software testing professionals. Here’s how students can gain expertise in their subject matter through our course:

❖ Job Oriented Training

Students get the chance to work on several live projects during the automation testing course. It would give them practical knowledge of the software testing industry.

❖ Unlimited Placement Calls

TechnoBridge provides unlimited placement calls to its students. This is possible through the various tie-ups with leading IT firms.

❖ Group Discussions

(Personal Interviews and Aptitude Preparations) We conduct group discussions, mock interviews and aptitude preparations. These sessions enable students to face job interviews confidently.

❖ Technical Group Discussion

Some students may still have some doubts after an automation testing course. Thus, we conduct technical group discussions for them to clear their doubts.

❖ Walk –in Drives

Since we give our students 100% job assistance, we send them to multiple walk-in drives. This would bring up several job opportunities to them in the industry.

❖ Affordable Course Fees

Our course fees are affordable when compared to rest of the industry. You will not find reasonable course fees anywhere in the city.

What you Get?

Our Selenium Certification and Selenium Training is crafted keeping in mind the interests of students. Listed below are the things that you get in the training:

  • - Unlimited Placement Calls
  • - Multiple Walk-ins
  • - Lifetime Support
  • - Group Discussions, Personal Interview & Aptitude Preparations
  • - Mock Interviews
  • - Technical Group Discussions

What is Selenium Certification?

Selenium Certification is a process where testing tools are used to execute test cases. These tools include Selenium, QTP, Mantis, TestLink, Jmeter and Load runner. Selenium Certification also carries out other functions such as entering test data into the system under test, comparison of expected and actual results as well as producing test reports.

Leading IT firms find Automated Testing reliable for the following reasons:

  1. - No need of human intervention
  2. - Optimizes the speed of Testing
  3. - Enhances the quality of Testing
  4. - Can run at any time of the day
  5. - No restriction on number of Automation Scripts
  6. - Reusability of Automation scripts on other Applications
  7. - Minimizes the execution time of tests
  8. - Increases the test coverage
  9. - Cuts the cost of testing

Job Opportunities after Selenium Certification Training in Pune

Our students get several job opportunities after their Selenium Certification and Selenium Training in Pune. Here are some of the job profiles in the software testing industry:

  1. -Software Tester
  2. -Software Test Lead
  3. -Test Analyst
  4. -Senior Test Analyst ( Computer Software)
  5. -Senior Test Engineer
  6. -Quality Assurance Engineer
  7. -Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Manager
  8. -Code Tester

To get these benefits, join our Automation Selenium Training right away!

Selenium Certification Course FAQS

Q.When will I get a certification?

Ans: You will get a certification once you complete the course.

Q.What certifications will I get at the end of the course?

Ans: You will get a certification of completion from TechnoBridge.

Q.What is the admission procedure?

Ans: First, you have to apply online through the website. Our admission officers would then get in touch with you to book a slot for an appointment with industry experts. Then, your knowledge on Python would be tested by our experts. Finally, the counselors will guide you with the admission procedure.

Q.What is the eligibility of the Selenium Certification Course?

Ans: You need to hold a bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science to be eligible for the course.

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