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Best Software Testing Course In Pune with 100% Placement

90 Days
IT Development

Introduction to Software Testing Course

The Best Software Testing Course in Pune enables students to be a master in their field. Software Testing is the process that finds either bugs or loopholes in the software before it is delivered to the client. If software does not function in a proper manner, it may result in loss of effort, time and money. Furthermore, improper functioning of software in airplanes could lead to injuries or even death. This point alone is enough to make students understand the need for software testing. However, the Best Software Testing Training would create well-trained testing professionals. Students can get better prospects after this training:

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- The average salary of a software Tester is ₹3, 63,722 per annum.

- The software testing services market will possibly grow by USD 34.49 billion during the years 2020 -2024

Students have an advantage over others when they receive the relevant knowledge, training, education and certifications. Only these could help you become a top software testing expert. To start your career as a software training professional, enroll to the Best Software Testing Course

Best Software Testing Course in Pune

The Best Software Testing Course in Pune covers Manual and Automation Testing exhaustively. Students would learn about different concepts of Software Testing and their use in testing of Real-time projects.

After their Software Testing Certification, students would be skilled in testing tools like Selenium, Test Link, and QTP. To enroll in the Software Testing Course in Pune, one must have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science.

Students would experience better career prospects and opportunities after the course. They will get top job profiles such as Software Tester Test Analyst .Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Manager. If you want to be skilled in diverse techniques and methods, join the best Software Testing Course in Pune.

Software Testing Course Content

Introduction to Software Testing

Manual Testing

Testing of Software Life Cycle

Run a test case

Automation Testing

Designing and Execution

SDLC Phases

SLDC Models

Expertise after Software Testing Course

Students who have completed their Software Testing Training would gain expertise in the following:

❖ Checking the dependability and stability of the software
❖ Guaranteeing systems are bug free and do not cause any failure
❖ Ensuring the client is satisfied with the final product
❖ Creating Manual Testing Strategies
❖ Setup and Strategies of Automation Testing
❖ Confirming that the final product is user-friendly

If students want to be an expert in Manual and Automation Testing Strategies, they must the Software Testing Training.

Why TechnoBridge for Software Testing Course?

Software Testing Training in Pune has been designed to fulfill the huge requirement worldwide. Those who want to make a career in software testing should have hands-on experience in Automated and Manual Testing. The software Testing Course gives you the opportunity to learn about diverse existing and novel testing techniques and tools. Besides that, our course has some unique points that would not be found in other courses. They are listed below:

100 % job assistance

TechnoBridge has tie-ups with several leading companies in Pune. Students could get their jobs through several placement calls and walk-ins in companies.

Learn from Industry Experts

Students can learn from industry experts who have 10+ years of experience in their field. They are well versed in their subject matter and industry applications.

Work on Live Projects

We give our students the opportunity to work on Real and Live Projects. This would help them get an idea of the challenges in the IT industry.

Students can get hands-on experience, expert guidance and better career prospects. They just need to join Software Testing Training in Pune.

What You Get?

Our Software Testing Training is crafted keeping in mind the interests of students. Listed below are the things that you get in the training:

Unlimited Placement Calls

Multiple Walk-ins

Lifetime Support

Group Discussions, Personal Interview & Aptitude Preparations

Mock Interviews

Technical Group Discussions

To get a first-hand at these features, join our Software Testing Training right away!

Benefits of Software Testing Course

Students get huge advantages when they enroll in the Software Testing Course in Pune by TechnoBridge. Take advantage of the following benefits during your training period:

  • ❖ Aids in increasing your confidence
  • We conduct soft skills, communication and mock interview session during the Software Testing Training. With these sessions, they get the confidence to face challenging job interviews.

  • ❖ Improve your skills and bridge the knowledge gap
  • Our aim is to bridge the gap between existing knowledge and the required skills for the industry. Hence, students can improve their skills during real-time projects.

  • ❖ Plenty of job opportunities
  • Students would gain hands-on experience during the Software Testing Course in Pune. This experience would open the door to plenty of job opportunities.

  • ❖ Get an edge over untrained peers
  • Leading IT firms prefer to hire employees who got trained in renowned institutes. Thus, trained software testing professionals are a step ahead of their peers.

  • ❖ Opportunity of a high-paying job
  • Experienced professionals get the opportunity to secure high-paying jobs. Their salary will grow after spending more time in the industry.

    TechnoBridge would be happy to help you in your journey towards excellence. Join the software testing course in Pune at TechnoBridge to improve your skills.

    Learn From the Best Software Testing Training Institute

    The best software testing training institute in Pune would help professionals make high-quality software. During the training, students learn about different testing techniques in Automated and Manual Testing. Furthermore, they could get guidance from the industry experts. In addition to that, students build their personalities in the soft skills, communication and mock interview sessions. TechnoBridge, the best software testing training institute in Pune would take your career to greater heights.

    Trainer Profile of Software Testing Training

    TechnoBridge has extremely dedicated and motivated Trainers to conduct Software Testing Training in Pune. Here are some points about our trainers. They have more than 10+ years of experience in the field. Throughout their career, they have worked on real projects in the industry. As a result, they have gained expertise on their subject knowledge and are updated on real-world industry applications. Hence, the syllabus of the Best Software Training in Pune adheres to the requirements of the industry. Thus trainers not only place equal importance to theoretical and practical knowledge of Software Testing. They also prepare students for tough job interviews. Only our trainers at the Software Testing Training in Pune can guide you towards a flourishing career.

    About Software Testing Course with Placement in Pune

    Our Software Testing Course with Placement in Pune helps professionals in delivering quality software applications. A wide range of topics would be covered during our training sessions. Students would not only learn about the traditional testing techniques of testing. In addition to that, the Software Testing Course would introduce students to the future methods of testing and techniques. The course is structured such that it covers the various methods and techniques of testing. These techniques would be found in different modules in our Automation Testing Courses. We have listed them below for your reference:

    • - C,C++, Data Structures and Unix
    • - SQL
    • - Fundamentals of Core Java
    • - Basics of Software Engineering
    • - Manual testing
    • - Automation Testing – including Selenium, QTP, Mantis, TestLink and Jmeter.

    The Software Testing & Placement Course in Pune would help you discover existing and novel techniques of testing. It would help one become quality testing professional.

    Software Testing Certification in Pune

    Students get a Software Testing certification on the completion of their course. TechnoBridge’s certification is recognized by leading IT firms. There are certain reasons why certifications are beneficial for students. They not only add value to a student’s resume but help them get top job profiles too.

    So, what are you waiting for? Complete your Software Testing certification, get certified and secure a high-paying job!

    Key Features of Software Testing Course

    Our Software Testing Training in Pune has features to bring out the best in students. We list these key features below:

  • Job Oriented Training
  • Job oriented training gives students to work on real projects. This gives students an insight of the challenges in the field.

  • Lifetime Support
  • We provide lifetime support to students after the completion of the Software Testing Training in Pune. With our assistance, they get the right jobs at a later stage in their career.

  • Unlimited Placement Calls
  • The collaboration with several client companies allows us to provide unlimited placement calls to students.

  • GD-PI and Aptitude Preparations
  • Our Software Testing Training in Pune includes group discussions, personal interviews and aptitude preparations. This would prepare students to crack tough interview processes.

  • Technical Group Discussions
  • Students may have certain queries after completion of their Software testing Training. They could clear their queries during technical group sessions.

  • Affordable Course Fees
  • Our Course fees are affordable when compared to the rest of the market. This ensures students don’t cut a hole in their pocket.

    These key features would help students to shape themselves, gain knowledge and start a flourishing career. Without further ado, join the Software Testing Training in Pune to bring out the best in yourself.

    How we are Different?

    Each Software Testing Course in Pune differentiates itself from the other in several ways. The onus is on the student to explore each institute closely and then take a decision. One way could be to check out the features that are provided by them to students. Without further ado, we list the features that differentiate us from the other. They are:

    - 100% Placement Record

    Students are placed immediately after their Software Testing Course in Pune. For that, we have tie-ups with leading IT firms in the city.

    - Provision of Lifetime Support

    We are ready to give a helping hand to students in any situation. Thus, we offer lifetime support to students at a later stage in their career.

    - Guidance of Industry Experts

    Students are free to approach our industry experts for any guidance during their Software Testing Course. They are up-to date on the trends of the industry.

    - Workshops and Seminars

    We conduct regular workshops and seminars on various topics for the student. This helps them to refine their technical knowledge and concepts.

    - Affordable Course Fees

    TechnoBridge’s Course fees are affordable and reasonable when compared to the market. That way, students don’t cut a hole in their pocket with expensive fees.

    These were some of the exquisite features which are beneficial for our students. If students want to be the best, they must enroll in the best software testing course in Pune.

    Placement Assistance after Software Testing Training

    TechnoBridge gives its trainees 100% placement assistance after their Software Testing Training in Pune. Trainees would be given the chance to appear for job interviews in all our client companies. Besides that, we ensure that our trainees undergo rigorous mock interviews, soft skill sessions and aptitude preparations. This helps them secure a high-paying job in a leading IT firm after their Software Testing training in Pune.

    Eligibility for Our Software Testing Course:

    Students who want to enroll for our Software Testing Course must hold a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science. They should also have a minimum of 50% in their bachelors. Students who have appeared for their final year exams are eligible to apply for our Software Testing Course.

    Duration of Our Software Testing Course:

    The duration of Our Software Testing Course is 4 Months.

    Software Testing Training Syllabus:

    Manual Testing Syllabus

    ❖ Fundamentals of Testing
    ❖ Black Box Testing
    ❖ White Box Testing
    ❖ Testing of Software Life Cycle
    ❖ Static Techniques of Testing
    ❖ Techniques of Testing
    ❖ Test Management Techniques
    ❖ Other Testing types
    ❖ Quality center
    ❖ Test cases
    ❖ Run a test case
    ❖ Planning of test cases

    Automation Testing Syllabus

    ❖ Fundamentals of Automation Testing
    ❖ Designing and Execution
    ❖ Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
    ❖ Testing(Management, Functional, Waterfall Method)
    ❖ Several Script Methods
    ❖ Testing through SQL
    ❖ Automation test architecture
  • - 1)Software Testing Introduction
  • ❖ Elementary Concepts
    - Elementary Testing Vocabulary
    - What is Testing
    - Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control
    - The Value of Quality
    - Determinants of Software Quality
    - The Definition of Quality
    - Principles of Software Testing
    - Importance of Software Testing
    - Why is Software Tested?
    - What is a Defect
    - Numerous Roles of a Software Tester
    - The Scope of Software Testing
    - When Should Testing take Place?
    - How Often should testing take place?
    - Software Development Life Cycle Testing
    - Independent Testing
    - What is a QA Process
    - Difference between Manual and Automation Testing
    - The “V” Concept of Testing
  • - 2) Software Development Life Cycle
  • ❖ SDLC Phases
    - Requirements Phase
    - Analysis Phase
    - Design Phase
    - Coding Phase
    - Testing Phase
    - Delivery and Maintenance Phase
    ❖ SLDC Models
    - Waterfall Model
    - V Model
    - Agile Model
    - Prototype Model
    - Spiral Model
  • - 3)Software Testing Methodologies
  • - White Box Testing
    - Black Box Testing
    - Grey Box Testing
  • - 4)Test Case Design Techniques
  • ❖ Static Techniques
    - Informal Reviews
    - Walkthroughs
    - Technical Reviews
    - Inspection
    ❖ DynamicTechniques:
    • - Structural Techniques
    • - Statement Coverage Testing
    • - Branch Coverage Testing
    • - Path Coverage Testing
    • - Conditional Coverage Testing
    • - Loop Coverage Testing
    ❖ Black Box Techniques
    • - Boundary Value Analysis
    • - Equivalence Class Partition
    • - State Transition Technique
    • - Cause Effective Graph
    • - Decision Table
    • - Use Case Testing
    ❖ Experienced Based Testing
    • - Error Guessing
    • - Exploratory Testing
  • - 5)Levels of Testing
  • i)Functional Testing
    • - Unit Testing
    • - Integration Testing
    • - System Testing
    • - User Acceptance Testimg
    • - Sanity/Smoke Testing
    • - Regression Test.
    • - Retest
    ii)Non Functional Testing
    • - Performance Testing.
    • - Memory Testing
    • - Scalability Testing.
    • - Compatibility Testing.
    • - Security Testing.
    • - Cookie Testing
    • - Recovery Testing.
    • - Installation Testing.
    • - Adhoc Testing.
    • - I18N Testing.
    • - L1ON Testing.
    • - Compliance Testing

    6)Software Testing Life Cycle

    i)Requirements Analysis / Design
    • - Understanding the Requirements
    • - Make a Traceability Matrix
    ii)Test Planning
    • - Object.
    • - Scope of Testing.
    • - Schedule.
    • - Approach.
    • - Roles & Responsibilities.
    • - Assumptions.
    • - Risks & Mitigations.
    • - Entry & Exit Criteria.
    • - Test Automation.
    • - Deliverables.
    iii) Test Cases Design
    • - Write Test cases
    • - Review Test cases
    • - Test Cases Template
    • - Types of Test Cases
    • - Difference between Test Scenarios and Test Cases.
    iv)Test Environment setup
    • - Understand the SRS
    • - Hardware and software requirements
    • - Test Data
    v)Test Execution
    • - Execute test cases
    • - Defect Tracking and Reporting
    • - Types of Bugs.
    • - Identifying the Bugs.
    • - Bug/Defect Life Cycle.
    • - Reporting the Bugs.
    • - Severity and priority
    vi)Test Closure
    • - Criteria for test closure
    • - Test summary report
    vii)Test Metrics
    • - What is Test Measurements?
    • - Why Test Metrics?
    • - Metric Life Cycle.
    • - Types of Manual Test Metrics.
  • - 7) Risks
    • - Risk Analysis and Management
  • - 8)Fundamentals of Automation Testing
    • - Fundamentals of Automation Testing
    • - Why, when and How to perform Automation Testing
    • - Reasons for choosing a particular Tool
    • - An outline of the major functional testing tools
    • - An overview of Test Management and bug tracking
  • - 9)QA,QC and Testing
  • -
    • - What is Quality Assurance
    • - What is Quality Control
    • - Differences between Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • - 10)Test Management & Defect Tracking
  • -
    • - TFS

  • What is Software Testing?

    A software testing course exists mostly due to the massive requirements in the industry. Testing is a process where the professional verifies if a software is accurate, complete and of great quality. It simply means checking if a software meets specifications and meets its intended purposes. Thus, Software testing is an art to ensure the quality is in accordance with the requirements of the end- user. It is a systematic process to find the defects of a system. In addition to that, software testing finds out whether the current software is a match with the clients requirements. Finally, it finds errors and requirements that are missing from the actual requirements.

    Testing professionals cannot create quality software systems without software testing. Hence it is essential to enroll to software testing course to be quality testing professional.

    Software Testing Opportunities in Pune

    After a software testing course, a professional would get plenty of opportunities in their field. The software development industry has huge potential to grow in the forthcoming years. Hence, Several Industries are using IT to enhance business processes in their fields. They include Oil, Telecom, Exploration, Health & Care, and Air Travel business. Each process would include a separate team of software testing professionals. Therefore, students would get exciting Job opportunities in Pune after their software testing course.

    Job Opportunities After Software Testing Course in Pune

    Students would get several job opportunities after their Software Testing Training in Pune. Here are some of the job profiles in the software testing industry:

    1. - Software Tester
    2. - Software Test Lead
    3. - Test Analyst
    4. - Senior Test Analyst ( Computer Software)
    5. - Senior Test Engineer
    6. - Quality Assurance Engineer
    7. - Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Manager
    8. - Code Tester

    Different Profiles as a Software Tester

    A software tester would progress in this way after a software testing course. However, it could vary in different organizations. The career path is as follows:

    Job Title Years of Experience
    QA Analyst Fresher
    Sr. QA Analyst 2-3 years
    QA Team Coordinator2 years 5-6 Years
    Test Manager 8-11 years
    Senior Test Manager 14+ years

    Salary Growth for Software Testing Certification Freshers

    The salary of a Fresher Software Testing Professional grows with their experience in the industry. Salary growth would be as follows:

    Duration Salary
    Entry level 2- 3 lakhs
    1 year 3-5 lakhs
    2 years 5-7 lakhs
    3 year 7-10 lakhs

    Top Employers for Employees with a Software Testing Certification

    These are the top employers who prefer employees with a certified Software Testing Certification:

    1. - Tata Consultancy Services
    2. - Accenture Technology Solutions
    3. - IBM Global Services
    4. - Infosys Limited
    5. - Synechron
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